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Rolf Groeger - Tools
Address of production / dellvery:
Solferinostr. 41 - 41379 Brüggen
Telefon : 00492157/1260420

Postal address:
Dahlienweg 1
41379 Brüggen-Bracht

About us

About us Beside our contract manufacturing we produce all kinds of hard metal and steel tools in the sector of cold masonry construction for the production o screws, connecting pieces and cold-pressed pieces in different shapes and variants. The range of application of converted tools and machine parts – produced by Groeger tools – is wide-ranging. The products are applied at automotive suppliers, crude manufacturers, in textile industry, tool manufacturers (screwdriver / bits ), furniture industry, electricity production and mechanical engineering. We have many years of knowledge in the sector of metal and steel machining. Produced since 1974 , the company Groeger offers its customers tools with a profile. Our company can maintain itself hold on the market with some special products we can produce on a very high level of precision. These are particularly tools of the hard metal segment for the production of hexagon head screws. Our knowledge about 6 kt. segment-tools facilitates the delivery of the demanded precision at an attractive with an adherence to deadlines.

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